Saturday, September 7, 2013

Crown Ridge Apartments in Edmond, Oklahoma Are Terrible

This place is awful.

Crown Ridge Apartments
2500 Thomas Drive
Edmond, OK 73003

When I first moved in everything seemed rosey and nice. As with most Oklahoma City Metro Area Apartments, that changed quickly.

On September 1st, I went to make my payment as usual. All seemed routine, I had money in there, online said payment successful. Rents Due on the 3rd and in my two years here I have NEVER ONCE been late on a payment. I noticed it had not gone through on Wednesday, but being holiday week I just figured Friday. After all, I had the money. Well Friday comes around and I have the notice of death on my door.

Now they are charging me $100 on top of another $50, because supposedly being month to month I'm supposed to pay $50 more. When the last paper I got them on lease renewal specifically stated I would only be charged $665 a month, my normal, every month rent. When you point out that the $50, they just refer you to the lease, despite you having a recent HAND SIGNED paper saying it's $665.

So they charged me $100 on top of that since my rent was suddenly late, even though I had the funds ready to go.

Now I have to hassle with carrying hundreds of dollars and getting a money order or cashiers check, and again paying extra. Very hard working two jobs.


It could very well cost you hundreds of dollars if something hiccups somewhere, and as they say, you are ultimately responsible. Go get your cashiers check or money order.

So that's the financial part. What else is there?

There are no gates. The apartment guides and website says there are. This is a lie. I have lived here since 2011. They fixed them for one week and suddenly they were dead again. In two years they worked one week.

AC Unit leaks every year. Roaches despite the best of cleaning efforts. They don't even follow their own rules. My neighbor has an open grill, in plain sight used often. These are not allowed. A person has erected a permanent motor cycle housing. This is not allowed. Nothing has been done about this and they have been notified. Walls are paper thin, you can hear everything.

Random inspections are fine, I have nothing to hide, but they will put notices on your door, say at 5pm Tuesday, and then be in your apartment by 9am Wednesday, no 24 hours notice. Has happened at least 7 times over the last 2 years for me. 

I suggest you try one of the many new apartment complexes opening in Edmond, and be sure to read reviews throughly.

They ultimately suffer, because up until this, I am an awesome tenant. I keep to myself, mostly sleep or am at work, so I don't wear things out. Consistent record of paying my rent on time. So as soon as I can save the money to move their loss.