Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If my life and dreams were a tv show, it’d be Doctor Who

Wrote this a few years ago but came across it and it is still very true. Gosh do I adore David Tennant :)

So the last blog got me thinking about my dreams, and then I saw an episode of doctor who, and with a great sense of deja vu, I figured out pieces of my life and dreams share similiarities to the character, even though I had these way before I saw the show.

Obviously the main comparison is time travel. As many know it has always been a central point of my imagination, I've read countless books, watched movies, tv shows, if it involves time travel I know about it. Even when I was twelve I was learning about Quantum theory, Paradoxes, Space-Time curvatures, stuff that even then I understood. In the Doctor Who universe, the Doctor is a timelord, last of his kind, and with my old fashioness and unique thought process, sometimes I feel the same way.With time in his blood, he travels in the Tardis, throught the past, present, and future, righting wrongs and saving the day.

Literally in my dreams I've done this, absolutely consicious of it. Though the doctor goes around fixing problems on earth and in the universe, I go back and fix problems in my past, often making for very uncomfortable realities when I wake up. 

Falling under that, many episodes deal with the Doctor ending up in certain historical events in Earth's history. From Shakespeare to Ancient Rome, in fiction the doctors been there, done that. How amazing would it be to talk to Caesar about government, or Galileo about the universe, or Davinci about art and machines? People not tainted by the modern world, but ones who have built the foundation for it, and all we know today?

Of course the Doctor always has a companion at his side, to keep him in line and on the good side. The only part I'm missing, for now anyways. The comparison here is that when that happens, I do want someone that will be willing to travel anywhere (within reason of course), virtually on a whim (which of course in financial limits.) Hey honey we're both off this weekend, lets go see the pyramids! 

Minorly it generally takes place in London, England, and of course everyone has british accents. I absolutely adore it. I know it's not perfect there either, but I always have envisioned Great Britain as a higher class america, with a great sense of culture, and a rich history. 

Of course this is all a tv show, science fiction at it's finest, but it really is worth watching. Closest I get without sleeping, and like I mentioned last month, worth keeping cable for in combination with the history channel (though I did watch a roosevelt special on oeta today, pretty good). Anyway tune into scifi channel and watch!

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