Thursday, January 24, 2013

!SCAM ALERT! Craigslist Scam to Watch Out For

So now that I am looking for a car due to getting a new job, I find it somewhat funny that the first car I inquired on on Craigslist was a scam, luckily I read about it before and Google put in my spam folder but yeah. 

Insert sad story (divorce, death, etc), throw in Google checkout, below market value car etc. SCAM. Gah this makes me so mad because there truley are people hurting (such as myself) and they get screwed because people like this screw the very people that could help them. 

I would only go cash only, with a strong friend who is knowledgeable with what you are buying, in a very open public place. Not even a cashiers check, those are so easy to fake. 

Here's the email below, and a link to read more on the scam.


Sorry for my late answer but I was in the hospital during last days and I was unable to read my e-mail.I'm selling this beautiful 2004 Acura TL because my daughter is in hospital, is very sick and I need money for treatment. I'm under enormous time pressure cause I need to sell it fast, before 05th of February that being the reason for selling it so low.My husband and I divorced last month, after the divorce I was awarded the car. It is in immaculate condition, non-smoker, meticulously maintained and hasn't been involved in any accident... Clear title. The total price is $1,936 including delivery and handling to your address.

Because i'm very busy with my daughter the transaction will be managed by Google Checkout for our own protection as they act as a neutral third part. Google Checkout policy is safe & advantageous for both of us: they will keep the money until you inspect/test the car (you have 10 days for inspection) and in the mean time, offers me the guarantee that you have the amount needed to buy it and you will pay it once you received and accepted it. If the car is not in same condition as I said you will ship it back on my expense and Google Checkout will send you a full refund. But I assure you won't be the case.

Get back to me and let me know what you decide. Thank you for your time and interest.

VIN: 19uua66294a045742
Body type: Sedan
Engine: 3.2L V6 Cylinder
Exterior color: Gray
Interior color: Black
Transmission: Automatic

Here is a link to the car's photo gallery:

God bless you and your family,

Here's a good website to explain it with more examples.

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