Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Follow Up to the Car Post

Amazing how much power this internet work as on me. This goes with the car post earlier. When it's gone I seem to go into a depression, its like all hope is sucked out of me when it goes away. I know it comes in cycles now. 

As it is right now I need to save about $400 a month to hit the goal by August. With internet work? Piece of cake. Without? Not so much. All this without a car. Assuming nothing goes wrong and nothing changes, here is how it looks.

With work earnings, the most I can spare seems to be about $160 a month. That means $4000/160=25. 25 months. 2 Years. Life sucks. Another two years of misery, after the last nearly wiped me out.

With good internet earnings
$4000/400 = 10. 10 Months. Less than a year. August. Airfare on credit card. Done. Life moves on. Anything extra is gravy towards a car, school, house. etc.

Okay now let's add in increasing costs. Seems to be about $500 a year. So on the two year plan $1000.

Bad Internet $5000/160 =31 months - 2 1/2 years. Good internet $5000/400 12.5 months - Roughly a year.

Factor in a car;

Let's say I buy a $2,000 car.

$7000/$160 = 43.75 months - 3 1/2 years.
$7000/$400 = 17.5. A year and a half.

It really is the difference from living my dreams or dying from my nightmares. I also found something I dislike Obama about. I was going to put everything on my FSA this year so I could go for my birthday in April, and stay in the states but Obamacare is imposing a limit of $2500, making things impossible here. That was one of many setbacks that made me near suicidal. To stay in America, the costs balloon to at least $12,000-$20,000. I am not going to even do the math on that.

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