Friday, September 28, 2012

Vacation Day 3

Vacation Update - Best internet day of the month! A whole $4.05. Mood is better enough I can look up again, this break has been wonderful, stress has not been this low since April. Did some basics today. Now I am down to the junk.

Working the logistics between donating and selling, which the only thing i got so far is donating my christmas tree. As for selling...uh a Gamecube game and some PSP stuff. This is harder than I thought. Last week I was solid on selling my SNES RPG'S @ $30+ a pop. Now I dunno. I have them digitally. It is absurd. Maybe I should just hire someone to sell everything for me while I leave town for a day or two. Still think I have upwards of $1,000 in old games.

Diet took a hit today, apparently McDonalds decided to have the Monopoly game this week. Well I had a medium sweet tea, 9/10 nuggets and half a large fry. Relatively speaking still better. Not trying to win millions, just need 10k or so.

Cannot believe how much my skin has cleared up, no moisturizers, just a morning scrub, even rationing out my hair vitamins has not changed anything. I think there is something in the air at Lowe's. Casual observation - Every time someone comes back from vacation/two days off they have better complexion, hair, everything. Stress? Diet? Time? Air Pollution? Dust? Sounds like a job for science.

Looks like I may go to work with my dad in the morning. Could be interesting. Thursday I plan to make a valiant attempt to recover my old hard drive, redo my resume, and apply for some jobs. Friday I will dive heavily into back to school stuff. This weekend I hope to see Looper & Resident Evil. Maybe get out and get some new shoes, need something better for work, may try something other than tennis shoes.

Hope everyone is having as good a week as I am. Most of these status updates are for reference later but people have been asking how vacation is going so I find this easier. (Plus I found a use for timeline! haha!).

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