Sunday, September 30, 2012

Employer Exit Strategy

This vacation has made me sure of one thing. I must move beyond my current employer. The atmosphere has changed dramatically. When I started in 2010 I was top of the world. Always asked to move, treated with respect and my hard work recognized. A very welcoming, positive place. Turnover had to have been less than 10% until mid 2011. About when everything changed.

Now I feel like I have been left to wither. No support, no care, and even when presenting the facts and truth I basically get called a liar. My manager seems to always be talking bad, even though I work hard enough to go home with lacerations, blisters, dust that has stained my hand, and exhaustion that it took my first three days vacation to overide. I would say our turnover rate is over 40% now since this time 2011. Not quite a hostile environment, but certainly a negative one.

People are leaving in droves, and just about every time it is the ones that seem to care and are friendly as can be towards me that are leaving. With the rampant favoritism that is going on I can't blame them. It is so telling when someone applies for another store, and gets the spot, yet they applied at their store and got beat out by under qualified, under experienced people. Has happened with just about 8/10 promotions lately. 

Even with my surprise interview last week, my HR was penciling in 2's & 3's before I was even done speaking! I watched the other manager interviewing me, and not only was he taking lengthy notes, he was at least putting in some 4's. (scale goes 1-5). That same day I interviewed this managers attitude towards me seemed to completely change. He had me doing all kinds of things, like he had an epiphany just how awesome I was. 

By the end of October I will be able to count the number of coworkers who are awesome to maybe ten, out of a store of 125. Which is pretty much you on my Facebook give or take one or two. Ya know, I don't think that me being transsexual has anything to do with any of this either. A lot of the changes were pre-me out at work.

There is a coming storm, and I feel the outer bands lashing at me. The one manager I get along with and is accepting of my situation will be gone when I go back Wednesday. I am not sure what will happen next and that is rather scary. For the first time with this company I feel scared about the future. Maybe the interview changed things. This manager has been completely different than the others, and I believe he has taken a much more mature, adult approach to the store, bringing the discipline the store so desperately needs.

This week has been my attempt to move forward. I redid my resume and applied for several jobs, some at other stores, other companies, even out of state places. I researched classes, reapplying to (Francis Tuttle, OSU-OKC, and OCCC).

The rule of the game was to work my way up current employer and try to get my life together. Well it is time to change the rules. When I return Wednesday it will be different. No longer will I sit idly by and put up with things. I will work as hard as I always have but I will not accept the childish bs, not to me, not to anyone else. I will speak up when things are not right and bring a bit of attitude they have not seen before. I am not this nice little loyal pushover they think I am. If they don't like it then F'em. With my vast intelligence and ability to overcome the worst that life can give, I can, have, and will do better.

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