Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Don't I Get a Second Job?

Several people have asked me why I don't just get another job. Economy issues aside, it is not that simple.

First and foremost. My schedule. While I have figured out my rotation and know my days off, they are so random I can't think of any place that would want to work around them. Has not stopped me from trying but here is how it is.

Week 1: Wednesday/Thursday
Week 2: Monday/Tuesday
Week 3: Saturday/Sunday
Week 4: Monday/Friday

While the week is fairly consistent in what days are off, the times are a whole other matter. 1:30-10:30, 9-6, 8-5, 3-10, so random, These always change and are impossible to predict.

I have applied for several positions with better, set, more traditional schedules in the store but have yet to be even interviewed. That is a pandoras box I'd rather not touch again (I hit on it in a prior post)

Secondly, I have applied for other jobs at other places. AAA, Redbox, FAA, to name a few. Granted I waited awhile because I wanted to see how my current job played out. I do enjoy where I work.If I could find a 7-4, 8-5 whichever I would totally go part time and take that full time. Would solve a lot of problems.

Thirdly, damnit I am only one step away from making enough. Promotions tend to be 10% and that would put me well where I need to be to make headway without the internet.

Fourth, The internet. When it's good it's good. Unfortunately when it's bad it's bad. It is nice being able to do it when I want, how I want, no rules, wear what I want, poop when I want, sleep when I want, eat when I want. To equal the internet on an average day, I would need at least 20 hours a week @ $8 an hour.

Fifth, Food/Bills. If I could just stop eating so much. I spent over $400 in food in June. That should not be higher than $150. If I can cut stress I could lower my bills and save plenty more. Less stress would result in less of me sleeping it off, which would save on A/C costs since I crank it all the way when I sleep (keeps me out longer).

Side jobs - Certainly open to these, under the table things like painting, mowing, anything of the sort. Not good at finding these but would certainly love some and do them.

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