Friday, July 20, 2012

On a Lighter Note..iPhone Games

Recently I have become addicted to those Endless Runner games on the iPhone. If you liked Temple Run then you should try these, there are some terrible knock offs, but the ones below are as good if not better than Temple Run. I think I like them so much because some of them remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog.

There are also flying ones which are really fun too, listed my favorites below. Best of all most of them are free! Though if you like them, support the developers with an IAP (in ad purchase).  Please, please, please check out Light the Night below! Sorry Android users most of these seem to be for iPhone with the exception of Temple Run Brave/Temple Run.


Subway Surfers

My favorite. Has a wonderful color palette, much more rich and vibrant than Temple Run. Updated regularly and they have listened to fan feedback as well. Designed for both iPhone and iPad. Don't forget to watch videos for free coins!!!


Found this one to be very fun, but they are big on an in app purchase (IAP) for the Pro Version. Not sure if that is worth it, but they did just add a lot of new for the Pro users. End of the world theme. Very colorful and fun watching the world degrade the more you play. Will give a Pro shot when I earn my next giftcard. Designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Temple Run Brave

It's Temple Run with a Disney Brave theme. They did add an archery mechanic while running, you have to tap targets to hit them with arrows. Adds some fun. Otherwise it is Temple Run (which is not a bad thing). I would try to catch it if it goes free, especially if you already own and have played the original Temple Run to death. Good on both iPhone, iPad, and Android. 99¢

Also, here is a link to the original Temple Run. It is FREE! Android and iPhone/iPad


Light the Night

My favorite iPhone game right now. Love, Love, Love the colors in this game. You play as a lightning bug, avoiding other bugs and flowers, trying to get as far as you can on your light fuel. Fun upgrades to different themed bugs too. Free, iPhone and iPad

Dragon Flight

Like a top down shooter. Fly as a dragon. The simplest of all the games but still fun, especially if your stuck in line at the grocery store. Free, iPhone and iPad

Jetpack Joyride

From the makers of Fruit Ninja. Has an extreme amount of polish and humor. Loads of fun and there is even a Facebook version. Great, original, and mix matchable powerups. Free, iPhone and iPad. It's three screenshots cool.

Enjoy! If you found these fun please consider donating to the site! Thank you!

*links above go directly to the Appstore, no commission received on the links above*

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