Saturday, June 16, 2012

Task Based Internet Earning

Hi everyone. These are two of my heavy hitters I am using to help cover the costs of transition. With these sites, you get paid when you complete small tasks. Some writing, some transcribing, data entry, etc.

CloudCrowd has taken a lot of practice, but if you are good at writing between them and Mturk you could do pretty well. If not well, it will take some time to learn the good tasks, but you can easily do at least $5 a day if you can focus. Using Cloud Crowd will help fund my surgery. Thank you for your hard work.

Cloud Crowd

Pays daily via PayPal

Click Here to Go to CloudCrowd


Deposits to your Amazon Payments account. Then can be withdrawn to your bank or used for an Amazon Gift Certificate.

To start out with I recommend visiting to get a good kickstart and learn the best hits to start out with.

Click Here to Go to Mturk

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