Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caboki...What...A...Mess! (Hair Loss)

Thought I would give Caboki a shot.  I ordered the $20 9oz size. The videos and pictures looked promising. Have regrown a little light fuzz on my temples so thought this would help enhance the hair there, maybe cover up the bald spot.


Avoid this stuff. If you want the same effect, go take some charcoal dust out of your grill and smear it into your head. Will work the same, maybe better. When I first opened the bottle, I moved it to my head slowly and tilted. The stuff started falling out. It kept falling out. I tried to gently rub it in, but it was coming out so fast. It was more powdery than fibery.

I tried several ways to apply this. Nothing worked. After trying like they showed in the videos, and failing, I then tried by hand, with a cotton ball, a brush, anything I could think of. Still did not work. It looked more like I had rubbed my head with mascara then anything. The black did not even match that well. Here is an example on my arm

All in all I would avoid this product like the plague. Go get you a three month supply of Minoxidil solution at Walmart for $18.88. Will do much better for slightly cheaper.

Want to see just how bad? Get a free sample! MuwaHaHaHaHa


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  2. Minoxidil too many side effects.