Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Apps to Earn on Your Phone

Here are a few good apps to earn a little extra from your phone. Some are only gift certificates but all offer Amazon where you can get just about anything. Please use my bonus code after opening, you will usually get extra points when you do. Included Android and iOS links, or search your app store.

App Trailers

The best and only for straight cash. I usually average a $1 a day watching the trailers. You get more when you download and try an app or complete an offer. Can redeem at 15 cents PayPal, INSTANTLY, everyday if you want. (I usually cashout at $1).  Links below.

Bonus Code: corriecubed



Payment Proof

Check Points

Fun check in app like Four Square. Sometimes has videos for points. Scan products for points. Great if your stuck in line somewhere. 

Bonus Code: coricubed



Free My Apps

A plus on this one you don't have to download anything. Good for giving apps to play. Visit the link from your phone. 


This one has potential, especially if you live in a large, populated area. You do tasks on your phone, such as scan a product or take some pictures of a business. If you can get accepted for one, I have noticed they tend to pay $3-$20. 

Search for Gigwalk in your appstore.

Shop Kick

Like Checkpoints above, offers more charitable donations as well.

Search for Shop Kick in your appstore.


Primary focus on checking into TV shows. If you watch a lot of TV this one is good. Has bonus points with videos and trivia sometimes.

Search for Viggle in your appstore.

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