Saturday, September 7, 2013

Crown Ridge Apartments in Edmond, Oklahoma Are Terrible

This place is awful.

Crown Ridge Apartments
2500 Thomas Drive
Edmond, OK 73003

When I first moved in everything seemed rosey and nice. As with most Oklahoma City Metro Area Apartments, that changed quickly.

On September 1st, I went to make my payment as usual. All seemed routine, I had money in there, online said payment successful. Rents Due on the 3rd and in my two years here I have NEVER ONCE been late on a payment. I noticed it had not gone through on Wednesday, but being holiday week I just figured Friday. After all, I had the money. Well Friday comes around and I have the notice of death on my door.

Now they are charging me $100 on top of another $50, because supposedly being month to month I'm supposed to pay $50 more. When the last paper I got them on lease renewal specifically stated I would only be charged $665 a month, my normal, every month rent. When you point out that the $50, they just refer you to the lease, despite you having a recent HAND SIGNED paper saying it's $665.

So they charged me $100 on top of that since my rent was suddenly late, even though I had the funds ready to go.

Now I have to hassle with carrying hundreds of dollars and getting a money order or cashiers check, and again paying extra. Very hard working two jobs.


It could very well cost you hundreds of dollars if something hiccups somewhere, and as they say, you are ultimately responsible. Go get your cashiers check or money order.

So that's the financial part. What else is there?

There are no gates. The apartment guides and website says there are. This is a lie. I have lived here since 2011. They fixed them for one week and suddenly they were dead again. In two years they worked one week.

AC Unit leaks every year. Roaches despite the best of cleaning efforts. They don't even follow their own rules. My neighbor has an open grill, in plain sight used often. These are not allowed. A person has erected a permanent motor cycle housing. This is not allowed. Nothing has been done about this and they have been notified. Walls are paper thin, you can hear everything.

Random inspections are fine, I have nothing to hide, but they will put notices on your door, say at 5pm Tuesday, and then be in your apartment by 9am Wednesday, no 24 hours notice. Has happened at least 7 times over the last 2 years for me. 

I suggest you try one of the many new apartment complexes opening in Edmond, and be sure to read reviews throughly.

They ultimately suffer, because up until this, I am an awesome tenant. I keep to myself, mostly sleep or am at work, so I don't wear things out. Consistent record of paying my rent on time. So as soon as I can save the money to move their loss.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My First Sling

Looks like I am transitioning from an emotional period of pain to a physical period of pain. Oh well. Haha. Used to see

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Farewell to a Friendship

So one of the most hurtful events to happen was the abandonment of someone I thought I could call a true friend.

She started at my Lowe's store back in 2011. She was friendly as can be, and seemed to really listen to what I said. I remember one of the first things we did was play Lion King on the Sega Genesis. The day was so much fun. To meet someone at random and end up playing Sega. Haha what a time.

We would hang out occasionally. Went out to lunch a lot, particularly Old School Bagel Cafe. Saw some movies. Went to the fair the last two years. Talked alot. I tried to be the best friend I could be. She was so generous about rides to work, offering as much as she could to help me out. I tried to return the favor best I could, even limited as I could be.

Though that was weird even sometimes. I did things out of the goodness in my heart. Yet there always seemed to be this vibe of...well Corrie's nice to me so she must be in love with me" Uh no. I would do the exact same things her long time friends would do but I'd get outcast for this reason. It was like I was too nice. Things I would do for anyone, and have done, that I know she had seen, somehow she was this special case. I could not offer even gas or lunch without her feeling weird or bad about it.

Now it is like I do not exist and I do not know why. She will not talk to me, and I do not dare push it. I learned that lesson years ago. I can speculate a few reasons, but none of them were intentional and most of it is gossip and hearsay from Lowe's. I am so sorry if there is anything I did to cause this.

So while it hurts what was lost, I will always cherish what was had. I forgive her. I can only hope that someday she will see the truth and just how strong and fair along I have made it, realizing just how wrong this was to cut me off.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surgery Kickstarter!

So I've been playing around with this idea for awhile, but for fun I thought I would post. All options stack, so if you paid my surgery, you would get everything, and probably my heart to. Anything over $25,000 goes to me going back to school, obtaining a house, and down the line paying it forward and helping others in similar situations. 

A portion of my post surgery income (5-20%, possibly more) will be dedicated to returning all donated funds directly to you or to the charity/person of your choosing. I will post my bills and income as they are available, less health expenses, and from the remainder divide up the funds. There is more to this list, which will be updated as I sort out.


Special thank you card.


Email correspondence granted.


Special invite to my social media pages, likes and activity not guaranteed. Exclusive picture section access.


I'll be your best friend on social media! Likes, game requests, I will respond as much and as often as I can. 


I will be your game buddy! Xbox, Wii, iOS, Android, and PC only, Includes but not limited to Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Halo, Diablo 3, and many others. I am open to other systems, I just do not own them. I am also an achievement whore.


A filmed video of your choosing. Respectable and clean only please! For example you could buy me a dress and I will model it for you.


A date! I am open for anything, from a movie to go karting to paintball to flying to the beach whatever. Oh and I love to eat out and travel!

$10,000 - $25,000+

Two guaranteed dates! Both Pre-Op and Post-Op. If I like you, you are clean, and there is chemistry, you have a chance at being my last and first! 


Your own companion, think Doctor Who

During the wait for surgery and after surgery/recovery, I will be your indentured servant for five years. More accurately consider me your personal maid. I will run your errands, clean your house, wash your car, watch the kids/pets, whatever you needed me to do that is reasonable, respectable, and not "adult." My only requirement is that I am allowed to attend classes to finish my education, and the ability to either work part time to pay for gas or make up any gaps that may occur. Leftover self earnings will go back to you during that time.

Because with $100,000, I would finish school and have the life I could only imagine. A life I have tried so hard to make and suffered intolerable setbacks.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Old New

Some pics of the progress I have made 2006-2012. Not the best compared to others but I am getting there given my extremely limited finances.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The following is my full statement on what happened and has occurred since my termination.

I was terminated by my employer on January 18th, 2013. They said I was hurting myself in front of customers and being a danger to others. This was not true. I was scared, did not have a car, and was unable to go to a doctor. Two weeks later I was terminated for hurting myself. I was never asked to write a statement or fill out an incident report, which I always have been told I have to when something happens, even on the most minor things.

My employer said that I did it intentionally, only this time I did not. They kept talking and drilling into my head that I did, but that was not the case. There are plenty of inaccuracies, and the department manager Brandon Hare has even will say he did not see what was going on, was helping another customer, and has bad eyesight, which his girlfriend, who also works in the store, Ashley Vanhorn, will attest to as well.

Brandon Hare had to write a statement over it, and he was told yes he had to. This department manager, while he had been a friend, not more than 10 minutes before was talking to another department manager, Coleman Hillhouse, calling me a rat and other hurtful things. I had gone to ask him to please stop and ask why he was doing that at work. Keep in mind earlier that day my head was sore where I had bumped my head on my bathroom counter getting my hair straightener.

I had the combination lock from my locker in my hand, I had it in my apron and the weight was dragging it down so I was carrying it. Well he wouldn’t talk to me and was ignoring me so I started to cry. I didn’t want him to see or anyone else so I tried to cover my face and in the rush and underestimating my strength, the lock hit against my forehead, right where I hit it earlier in the bathroom. I started to feel dizzy and sick from that and crying, and grasping for a nearby shelf I lost my balance and slammed my head right into it, busting it open. There was blood all over. The department manager said I need to go back to my department, but then he saw the blood on my head and called for the manager.

After I cut myself after a writeup in November, I had been receiving counseling and getting help, which they say I did not. I have documentation, as well as they do that I had been getting help, through services provided by my employer. While I had two incidents on my record, overall I had good attendance, good reviews, and a promotion in the almost three years I was there. My store manager always spoke highly of my customer service skills to management and other employees. They have been aware that I have severe anxiety and depression issues stemming from transition, and my HR Erin Ledesma, has stated numerous times it may be due to my hormone levels.

I have reason to believe it is in part due to my transition from male to female at work (transgender) and my mental instabilities from last year due to severe anxiety and depression. It seems that they are basing the recent incident on a past incident and I was termed by them automatically am assuming I did it to myself on purpose. I feel so insulted and degraded. I worked the two weeks after the accident with no problems.
During my termination, not much was said, but I did ask the store manager why I was not able to write a statement. He said it was because the department manager did. That raised a flag to me because this department manager has always said he would treat me as one of the guys, and that signals he doesn’t approve of my transition so he may have fabricated some aspects of the story as well.

I had also attempted to take a leave of absence over what happened in November, but I was confused by it. My HR refused to provide any meaningful help and kept referring me to the company intranet. I tried on my own several times but I just could not get it.

I should also mention not more than two weeks before, a coworker named Ian Andrews was suffered a head injury after falling off a ladder. Even though I had not seen the whole thing, I was still required to write a statement by the assistant store manager, Jennifer Houghtlin.

Anyway, I have been having a few problems the last few weeks since the injury. It throbs and my head aches, which at first I attributed to just everyday things but it seems to emanate from the spot the shelf made contact. It gets so bad sometimes I feel nauseated and have to lie down. The wound has not healed very well either, despite my best efforts with antibiotic creams (such as generic Neosporin).

I went to,

First Med Urgent Clinic
805 W Covell Rd #200 Edmond, OK 73003(405) 844-1633

They asked me what happened and where. I told them exactly as I told you. Then the clinic told me they could not see me unless I had the Lowe's insurance information, not my personal Lowe's insurance, which I tried to use, even asked "why can't I just use the last sliver of my own insurance?"

They said because I stated it was a workplace injury that I needed this information from Lowe's to be treated. They said something about comp and that Lowe's has it's own provider that is to be used. Since I had told them at happened at work they said they said they could not take my personal insurance or just take me as a general admin. I did not know what to say so I left.

I attempted to contact Steven Elliot the assistant store manager and the manager who took the initial injury report at the store, after I was made aware of this. He stated he was not aware of aware of anything I had to give them. I have since tried to get a hold of Erin my HRand even sent her an email but nothing.

Not sure what to do. I know your bound by policies and certain things but please advise if you can.

Thank you for your time.

Corrie Kasal
(405) 517-4290

Looking for a Car

Recent situations have unfortunately forced my hand and I must get a car. Oklahoma and surround would be most easiest.

I can only spend around $2,000. Out of respect for me please don't try more. It is the best I can do right now.

I understand for $2,000 it won't be anything great or fancy. While I prefer a Honda or some high gas mileage  car, anything that someone can honestly say will work for at least a year is fine by me.

I will be using it primarily for work and school. Roughly 20-30 miles daily. Hopefully less but that is what it is looking like right now.

If you see anything, or have anything that would be beneficial please contact me. I will only pay cash up front, title in your hand, no ifs, ands or buts, and either a mechanic friend of mine or my mechanical father will check out the vehicle. No scammers. Really. I've had a hard life to and I know it is not easy, but be honest you will go a lot further.